"Ride Like You Walk"
About the Trainer

Baron von Uhl has spent his life developing and teaching his system of training that is correct, functional, and simple. “Ride Like You Walk” is his core for training.  His belief is that riding and training should be as simple, natural, and balanced as an individual walking on the ground. Considered “the most logical system of horsemanship” since 1957, his method has impressed such trainers as Lazelle Knocke-past USDF President, Mark Miller of Arabian Knights, Bazy Tankersly of Al Marah Arabians, Kim and Yvonne Barteau of KYB Dressage, and even one of the Riding Masters from the Saumur School of France. .

A master of horse psychology and physiology, he has complete understanding of the way a horse’s mind and body perform for all styles of riding, Sporthorse performance, and competition. Baron von Uhl has proven his expertise on a National and International Forum with his trained riders and professionals in numerous disciplines from Dressage to Eventing to Reining, and even the new “Gaited Dressage” presented by the TWHBEA competitions. He continues to “wow” participants of his clinics with fast, effective, and correct results in a short amount of training time that continues to produce winners in competition or at home.

Julius has spent much of his life dedicating his time to training professionals and young riders.   While he has not himself shown in recent years, his awards and riding experience date back to the Worlds Fair in Hungary where he was a medal winner in dressage.  He also spent many years training top riders for the Nationals that were held in Madison Square Garden. He is one of the remaining true masters and has much knowledge to impart, the likes that is a rarity to encounter.

Julius is fully insured to train at your facility.

Baron von Uhl's experience, while perhaps not widely recognized with modern riders is none the less, vastly respected.  His immense knowledge of horse training and handling are evident in the riders and horses he has produced.


 Julius is in high demand for training in areas such as Wellington, Florida and Chicago.  Julius knowledge and experience is so diverse, he may find himself giving a Grand Prix jumper a lesson in the morning and sitting down for lunch with an Amish family before he provides them with a riding or driving lesson.

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